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Have A Great Hunter Station Experience?

I visited this facility and I like Traditions at Hunter Station. I was very impressed with the facility. It's very clean, very modern, and very well taken care of. The staff was very friendly there. The only downside, in my sister's opinion, is that it was pretty large because I think they have a capacity of 75 and mom would feel lost in that big of a facility, but I was very happy with them. I would have no issue at all taking my mother there. They showed me the rooms where some of the activities are held and where the physical therapy was going on. They were having a Bible study in one of the open areas. The staff was very open, very friendly, and very knowledgeable.
— Donna (Caring.com)
Traditions at Hunter Station is very new. It seemed very clean and well-kept. They have very spacious rooms. The lady who took me around on the tour was wonderful. She listened and asked what we needed. She's great and they've been in touch with me since to see how everything's going. They just made the tour easy. They even stayed on a Saturday for me to really come by and see it.
— Carol (Caring.com)
Our family had an in person tour and it was a great experience!
— Susan
My sister is there it's always very clean and I'm pretty sure she gets really good care.
— Susanne W. (Google Reviews)
We visited Traditions at Hunter Station. I was very impressed with it. Everything about the place was excellent. We met with Jacqueline, she answered all of our questions and provided more information than I would have asked. So all the information that she gave us was much needed and much appreciated. The tour was excellent, she offered lots of information about the facility that would meet my cousin's needs, and her input was excellent. The facility itself, everything about it was excellent. If my cousin would choose to go there, I would be most happy. When we were there, there was a yoga class that was ending. We viewed two of the rooms at different levels, and they would be more than adequate for her needs. They appeared to be brand new.
— Doris (Caring.com)
They go above and beyond to know each resident and their needs. We have been thrilled with this facility! Mom loves it!
— JoAnne (SeniorAdvisor.com)
Wish they had a place like this for mother. This is where I'm going whenever I decide to sell my home. I've been there and it's a clean, beautiful place.
— Jane W.
At first when my family looked for me, I was in the hospital. Since I have recovered, I would like to thank this great community for the support to get me better. I love being here. No place like it.
— J. P. (SeniorAdvisor.com)
Beautiful facility. I have found many new friends here. I know they do a wonderful job. When I'm ready, this is the place for me.
— Ed H. (SeniorAdvisor.com)
It's been very good for my Mom. She has been a lot more active now and really enjoys living there. She goes for walks, exercise classes, she plays a lot of board games and crafts, etc. She enjoys the food. She is a big fan of the staff. She has made a lot of new friends. The age range for her independent living apartments seems to be 70- mid 90's. They provide maintenance and lawn care. They provide a washer and dryer in her apartment.
— Robert (SeniorAdvisor.com)
We visited Traditions at Hunter Station and my father kept saying that it looked really clean and really nice. He was surprised. It was well-situated, and it was close to a lot of different things that he would be interested in. The rooms were very light and airy. Everything had a new feel to it. Nothing looked worn or old. There were a number of eating areas where you could get together with other residents if you wanted. The staff were all very nice.
— Deborah
My mom had a very tough last few months. When deciding as a family what to do next we were truly unsure of what to do when first reaching out we called so many places. With no returned calls we were frustrated! We were so thankful when we were instantly connected with [name removed]. She made everything so smooth and mom moved in 2 weeks later. They even had a gift for her on her first day. So sweet!
— Angie S. (SeniorAdvisor.com)
Traditions at Hunter Station is a beautiful facility. The staff has been excellent in working with us and our grandma (she's the new resident.) The neighbors have been so friendly and we are looking forward to lots of years here!
— Mike and Brooke R. (SeniorAdvisor.com)
When deciding what my next step would be and touring facilities, nothing compared to Traditions. So excited to finally get to call Traditions home. I live in independent living.
— Bob H. (SeniorAdvisor.com)
My uncle was here a few years ago, so when my dad needed more help, I knew where to go. Traditions has been a part of our family and [they] have always treated all of us wonderfully.
— Teanie (SeniorAdvisor.com)
I would definitely recommend them. It was a great place. There was good communication from the staff to our family. The care was great. They're very involved with their residents.
— Stephanie (SeniorAdvisor.com)
My aunt moved into Traditions at Hunter Station. The physical facility is relatively new, so it's very modern and very up-to-date. It is very clean, and everything is very nice. We talked to multiple people on the staff, and they all seemed very knowledgeable and very nice. To be honest, I talked to other people not part of Traditions and got recommendations. For the most part, the information we were getting was people thought it was the best facility in that area. We're very new in the process, but right now we're very happy with the facility and our choices.

They have activities pretty much throughout the day. There were all kinds of different things that were designed to engage them with each other, and to stimulate their memory, some of which were social. I guess it depends on how much my aunt wants to engage. If she wants to, she can pretty much stay busy all day. Their real goal there is they want to minimize the time that they actually spend in their rooms.

The feedback has been that the food is very good. I know of people that I've talked to that have eaten out there, and they thought the food was very good. It's a lot of money and expensive, but I think it seems like a good value for everything they offer. My aunt has money, and it seems like the best facility. Certainly, there's nothing cheap about doing this.
— David (Caring.com)
A wonderful community! All the staff have truly gone above and beyond to help me get settled. They have done so much to help. The move in coordinator has even helped me pick up and match my drapes! Nowhere else could you get that! Love living here.
— Don C. (SeniorAdvisor.com)
Everyone has made the decision to make a move so easy! I am so far very pleased and so is my mom. They really have gone above and beyond to help us. I am very thankful for everyone who has helped, from the first time walking in, to the E.D.
— Anonymous (SeniorAdvisor.com)
My aunt lived in the patio homes here. We are grateful she had a community. So when it was time for the next step and assisted living was needed, Hunter Station team made everything so easy for us. She enjoys staying in her community, also enjoying be cared and pampered for. Everyone has made her feel so much better.
— Debbie G. (SeniorAdvisor.com)
We have been going back and forth with my mother in law on what she was going to do. When she had a health scare it almost came as a blessing as it opened her eyes on what she really needed. I was so thankful to Traditions as she came in not happy but left feeling better. The girl who toured us was patient and listened to our wants and needs because that was very important to her. Still deciding but I want her to choose Traditions. I will tell everyone to come tour here.
— Anonymous (SeniorAdvisor.com)
Toured with my aunt who is very hesitant. I liked that they asked all the important questions and talked with my aunt about her and how she felt. That made a big impact on all of us and why we have decided Traditions is where she will be going.
— Anonymous (SeniorAdvisor.com)
I toured the community. Everything was clean and everyone I met was friendly. Great to see activities going and helps my dad be more active.
— Anonymous (SeniorAdvisor.com)
We toured the Traditions at Hunter Station. We liked the fact that they are in our same town, that we're accustomed to the people, and know some of the people. They have very pleasant surroundings. The staff member was very pleasant, she explained everything, and gave us a short tour through. We previously ate there when we went to visit friends of ours who were there. They have a very nice courtyard, they have a theater, they have an exercise room, and they have a chapel.
— Judith (Caring.com)
I visited this facility I visited Traditions at Hunter Station in person. It was very beautiful and very nice. There were two rows, but they had them arranged to look really nice. On the outside, they looked like a home, and on the inside, they were pretty spacious. I looked at a two-bedroom. There's an enclosed back court and a little patio out there. The kitchen was the only thing that was not very big. Everything else was big. The bedroom was so big you could get your computer in there, if that's where you want to put it. The girl who showed me the independent living part told me that I could call her, and she could come out, look at my furniture, and tell me what would go in there nicely, because you have to downsize. They had a beauty shop, a bus that would take you to appointments, and a patio.
— Emily (Caring.com)
I was very pleased when I came to look at the facility. The appeal is great and love the idea of my mom having meals available for more than 12 hours a day. I didn't think of that when looking at others that have very strict meal times. I had a wonderful first experience and I know we are a bit away from making a final decision, but I was very impressed.
— Jane M.
We have decided to place my mom in Traditions at Hunter Station. We already have a moving date this February. The facility was very clean and orderly. There seemed to be a lot of help, too. There were people greeting you at the front desk and taking temperatures. They also did a Zoom tour for us where they answered questions because we have family out of town. For activities, they have game days and during the holidays, they do things like treat-or-treat where they let kids come by and they pass out candies, but this was before COVID, of course. They have an exercise class and they're just starting a memory course. I guess they have somebody that's been trained to do the activities for the people in assisted living to kind of help keep their memory from getting worse, if that's even possible. They also have family Zooms. They are going to start coming out with those links where we can watch them describe the activities they're doing. The staff that I have dealt with were great. They have a person who comes out and does a home evaluation on wellness. I have met the girl who does them. I just forgot what she's called, but during move-in, she will stay with my mom for the first two weeks. She will be in and out of her room a lot during the 14-day quarantine and then for another week when she's able to get out and do the activities herself. While on quarantine, she will be the one to take in the activities up to my mom's room and do them with her.
— Karen (Caring.com)
We went to Traditions at Hunter Station. We basically visited the patio home, which is actually bigger than the home my mom owns now, and it's pretty cool. It's brand new; it's 2 years old. The independent living facility is incredibly nice. We like the size of the patio home and the garage that goes with it.
— Reggie (Caring.com)
My dad is new to the Memory Care unit. Staff have been so helpful. We searched for awhile before making the decision and we as a family are happy we made the decision on Traditions. The staff and management have been very helpful. I can't imagine it being easy trying to please so many people during a pandemic, but we are happy and my dad is safe and well taken care of.
— Ann E.
Thank you so much to the executive director for helping me with my brother. I am his only family and she has helped me out so much. I am so very thankful for this facility. They really do care for the residents.
— Krista B.
Real nice facility and have great things to say about the staff.
— Steve E.
My mom is a newer resident to the community. She was having a hard time adjusting at first to the community, but thankfully the staff has welcomed her and made her feel right at home. She has made easy friends with other residents, and has not complained about the food! It was not easy making this decision, let alone during a pandemic. I have felt I have been informed very well of any updates regarding my mom's health and safety, and I thank the Traditions at Hunter Station staff for making this as smooth as they possibly can during such a trying time for us all.
— Martha B.
Ada (Patton) Hibbard loved life and enjoyed almost every day that she lived. Her daily saying was, 'I learned a long time ago that I can be happy wherever I am.' She loved her many friends with whom she shared lunches, shopping trips, church events and visiting with one another. She outlived many of those close friends, but in recent years she enjoyed her new late-in-life friends she made at the Traditions Assisted Living facility where she played Bingo, Bunko and worked with the many craft projects they provided for her, and she always attended their Sunday Church service. She also loved her family dearly and always looked forward to the many birthday and holiday celebrations they shared. She will be missed by all who knew her, but she has left each of those surviving with wonderful memories of a life well-lived.
— The Hibbard Family
Thank you for what you are doing. The preparation and management you all have done so far could not have been better. I am blessed my mom is at your facility.
— Eric Y.
Root Beer Floats for Residents"Rain, sleet or snow couldn’t keep the root beer floats away! The staff went way above the call of duty to get the treats to us. Thanks so much.
— Terry and Jinny
Traditions at Hunter Station was absolutely amazing. The place was very clean, and the food was presented very well. The staff was very professional. It was hands down the nicest. It felt like a community environment more than a nursing home. The apartment we saw was just recently moved out of. A new carpet was put in, new paint on the walls, and it was nice. The dining area was very modern for a senior living center. I didn't feel like it was dated back in the 1970s like a lot of them looked. The food came out of the kitchen and it was very nicely presented and plated. The staff during the visit was very knowledgeable about the area , very upbeat, very professional and courteous. My sister has taken my mother there a couple of times for lunch, and she's liked it every time.
— Chuck
I noted your comment in the last newsletter that Traditions is now almost three years old. I remember my daughter calling me when she saw the sign leaning up against the office trailer announcing Traditions. I immediately called and got signed up. I was the first to put down a deposit, sign a lease and choose my garden home location. It was exciting to watch the property develop. My daughter sent me pictures regularly. I'm very content with my garden home and its location; I would do it all over again in an instant.
— Joe V.
Thought I would give you an update. You might remember me because we have corresponded before. My mom is 99 years old and living in the memory care section. Again, I would like to express my appreciation for the staff at Traditions. Natalie Stone is doing a great job and responds quickly if we have a concern; however, we have none. The chef prepares excellent food! The ladies in memory care continually tell me it is very good. She should be recognized. I would also like to give special recognition to the memory care nurses: Stephanie, Tiffany, Shannon, Sarah and Pat. They continually impress my brother and myself with their patience and care. By the way, we visit mom three times a day at mealtime to supervise her care. No words can express our gratitude to CNAs and other assistants in memory care. They are responsive to mom's needs and demonstrate patience and caring for all residents. I thought you should know what good service we are getting. PS Loraine, our activities director, is doing an exceptional job, also. Her Happy Hour, which for the last number of years drew very few people is packed. I believe the laughter and opportunity to meet other residents have drawn people together. Even the non-drinkers are attending!
— Steve C.
Traditions at Hunter Station looked nice. The rooms had kitchens. The staff was friendly and the food was good. I saw them playing cards, and it looked like they have plenty of activities for the seniors. It's in a good location. Everything seemed close by like my doctor and a shopping center.
— Stan (Caring.com)
We have a loved one in Memory Care at Traditions. The staff has gone above and beyond to accommodate her needs. We feel very fortunate that we found Traditions. The family atmosphere, medical care and personal attention our loved one has received has been wonderful. We receive updates about her care frequently, all of our concerns are always addressed right away and the staff is responsive to our recommendations for her care as well. We have had nothing but positive experiences and we feel so blessed to have Traditions in her life.
— Delana D.
Beautiful facility, professional, caring staff, residents receive individual, excellent care.
— Jennifer K.
Everyone was so kind to my mother. They treated her like she was their mother. All employees were kind, helpful, caring and friendly! The environment was clean and the food was good. I ate with my mom several times. I would highly recommend this assisted living community.
— Melinda W.
Big shout out to Executive Director, Natalie Stone for making my dad's transition to this beautiful facility so easy and painless in his time of need. Our family is so thankful for you and all the caring staff that made this possible. You all rock!!!
— Sandy N.
My father has moved into Traditions at Hunter Station. It is a very good place. He seems to enjoy it there and likes it so far. It's brand new and very clean. It is also in a good location for all of his kids. He lives in his own apartment, but my sister and I go and clean it. The staff members are very nice, good people. My dad goes to the chapel, but doesn't get involved in a lot of other activities.
— Kim (Caring.com)
I have been around assisted living facilities for over 27 years. It was a pleasant surprise moving into Traditions at Hunter Station! These attractive dwellings will capture the attention of those who still desire a degree of independence. The staff are friendly and will answer any questions that you may have. They have a calendar of events that tells you that there will be plenty to do in the days and years to come. The aroma from the food, prepared by the skilled hands of Chef Jordan, can only make your mouth water. The friendly atmosphere and beauty of the community will definitely make you want to sign up!
— Mr. Gil (Caring.com)
Traditions at Hunter Station is good and nice. I like it. The staff member who assisted me was very nice. She gave me a lot of information and showed us a one-bedroom and a studio apartment. They check on the residents and make sure that they keep up with their medicines. They give three meals a day and provide transportation.
— Alyssa (Caring.com)
A lovely place. I only hope it's this nice when it's my time to go to a retirement home.
— Scott E. (Yelp)
I enjoyed the tour. The community is new, clean and beautiful. The garden houses are spacious and everything I wanted! I will be moving in this month!
— Anonymous (SeniorAdvisor.com)