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Our People

Our days are filled with important duties and routines. Yet human connection takes precedence over the necessities of our job descriptions every time. You are why we're here.

We bring varied backgrounds and skills to our roles, but we are all here to love and support you.

Marie Hamilton Community Relations Director: Marie Hamilton

Marie Hamilton has been marketing for the past nine years in the mental health and substance abuse space. While starting a career in senior living was outside of her comfort zone, she has found that she loves the sector and loves working with seniors. "I would have never known that working with the elderly would be so fun, entertaining, and well worth the career change."

"One of the hardest decisions in my personal life was to have to tell my own mom it was time to move to assisted living. My mom was 78 years of age and lived in her home for 38 years, that she loved so much. She had worked so hard for so many nice things, and she felt it was all being taken away from her. Little did she know her life was just beginning. She was no longer social or doing things that she had enjoyed. When entering into assisted living, my mom found a group of women that became her forever friends. She was so engaged and lived the best 4 years of her life with the women she had grown to love so much. She was grateful she finally had a social life and the quality of life back. Now, I get to share my story with all of my prospects looking for their forever home."

Marie loves baseball and has traveled to many MLB parks. Her favorite is Fenway Park!

Kim Williams Executive Chef & Culinary Director: Kim Williams

Chef Kim was born and raised in Memphis, TN and is proud to infuse her kitchen with southern hospitality. She graduated from Sullivan University and regularly participated in the annual Tasting Extravaganza at the Olmsted Masonic Homes in Louisville, KY, an event that raises money for the Kentuckian Stroke Association.

“I believe the key to our residents' hearts is through exemplary food and I bring it to them with joy. I love to prepare a diverse selection of foods and to delight people with their favorites, an experience that creates and brings back happy memories.” When not at Hunter Station, Kim enjoys spending time with her husband and two children.